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Best Gimbal for Travel in 2019 – Reviews and Recommendations

Do you really want to reveal the undiscovered possibilities of your own smartphone, with the gimbal android app? Or are you tired of shaky videos and blurry photos? The best gimbal for mobile 2019. Turn your amazing ideas into film-like videos, you just need one stabilizer. And here you go, smooth shots, fancy features and transitions, and MORE! But how to choose the one that fits your needs and budget? Updated at the beginning of 2019, we have this perfect list of 9 best smartphone stabilizers for you, I hope it can record your highlights in the new year!

DJI Osmo Mobile 2 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer

Cost : $127.99 , It is very cheap.

Beautiful time-lapse videos while you are on move.

Special control switch for cinematic zoom.

Dolly Zoom effect can easily create.

15 hour of battery life each charge.

3 way axis control.

best gimbal
DJI Osmo Mobile 2

Website : DJI Official Website

SPECIFICATIONS – Best Gimbal for Mobile 2019

The Osmo Mobile 2 is a handy mobile gimbal made for the movie teller in all of us. Whatever your passion, wherever your source or destination, and whenever you feel inspired, capture moments with cinematic motions and incredible pictures. Using a lightweight handy design, intelligent functionalities, and a long-lasting battery, the Osmo Mobile 2 lets you share your story.

Stable and Smooth Moves

Osmo Mobile 2 was made to film on travel. Just select your object and Active snap will follow, using built-in sensors and powerful motors to ensure flexibility. This feature results in being the best gimbal for mobile 2019. Whether it’s small vibrations from a running or more intense instability from jumping, this smartphone stabilizer stays the same.

stable and smooth moves

Time in Motion

Turn everyday incident into incredible moments with Timelapse feature. Shoot blooming flowers and rolling clouds,capturing all their environment in a stable shot. For an even more dynamic effect, Motionlapse made it easy foy you to run with the camera while creating equally smooth video.

Cinematic Zoom Control

For aspiring filmmakers, a new built-in zoom slider lets you completely ply your mobile camera from the handle with more fluid, cinematic zoom. You can even produce dollyzoom — a visual effect that only professional film sets could produce .

Divulge Bigger Image with Panoramas

Experiences allow us to stumble upon breathtaking landscapes and stunning architecture. Relive these moments with high-definition panoramas. This feature results in being the best gimbal for mobile 2019. The Osmo Mobile 2 moves automatically to capturemultiple photos then stitches them together to create a seamless image. You can also set yoursmartphone to Landscape or Portrait mode, giving you ideal options for every picture.

Hours of Live Streaming

Go live! With up to 15 hours of battery life, the Osmo Mobile 2 can also charge your smartphone for hours of streaming. Beautify mode also keeps you looking great in front of the camera.

Lightweightand Portable

Now you can take your story anywhere. The Osmo Mobile 2 is made of a high-strength composite material that cuts the weight to just 485g, perfect for all-day use. Also, its modified design now supports more compact folding for increased portability. Move, shoot, and share with the Osmo Mobile 2. Must say it is the best gimbal for mobile 2019.

Official : https://www.dji.com/osmo-mobile-2

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Reviews-Best Gimbal for Mobile 2019

  • Excellent: Such an improvement over the original. For anyone complaining about the lack of features in the DJI app, I would suggest using a third party app, especially Filmic Pro, which will shoot 4k, log, and it has built-in support for the Osmo, it allows you to use all the physical controls of the Osmo.
  • I see reviews for dead on arrival units, and I think this is why :
    So I was concerned about the dead on arrival units, or people saying it died w days later. After buying one I now know you can turn the gimbal on and it will not power up the motors until you sign into the DJI GO app. So it looks like it’s dead if you just go for a third party app like Flimic Pro, but once you create an account with DJI if you didn’t have one, and sign into the DJI GO app it will not initialize all the way and the motors will not come on. This feature results in being the best gimbal for mobile 2019.

    As for the gimbal, it’s lighter then the competition Smooth 4, feels more natural to hold and not as top heavy then the smooth 4, and the tracking works 100% better than the smooth. A firmware update is done with the iOS app over Bluetooth. The zoom is smooth, but the moving of the gimbal position with the joystick is slow. The Osmo 2 has a normal USB A port for charging other devices I like the smooth 4 using a micro USB port and I can find a Micro USB to lighting cable. Charging the Osmo is only 2 hours and uses a more common found micro USB and chargers at 2 amps, or 10 Watts just like the smooth 4. So the USB Smooth 4 charging has not to advantage for faster-charging speeds, just another cable you will have to carry. The Osmo is smaller than the smooth 4. And the Osmo 2 is supported by a filmic pro using the zoom button for more advanced features without the need to touch the phone and will give you 4K 24, 30, and 60 FPS, but you have to initialize the Osmo first with the DJI GO app and update the firmware before using a filmic pro. 
    Now on the smooth 4 sides, the Smooth has more range, seems to have stronger motors able to do faster transitions, a more refined app for iOS with 4K 24, 30, and 60 FPS. But the firmware is done over a computer. But the firmware update on the computer also allows for fine tuning calibration of the levels and the iOS app allows for the speed adjustment of how fast the motors work. If holding the gimbal upside down, or flashlight straight out then the smooth 4 wins in this range much better. The smooth 4 is not officially supported by filmic pro, but will still work you just have to tap the screen for some of the settings and adjustments. With the iPhone X and the Apple leather case the Smooth fits better without hindering the range of the motors, I had to remove the case to speed up the Osmo 2 a little and for the phone to fit better. The smooth 4 seems easier and faster to adjust and control once you get used to the Phone Go mode and back triggers. 
    In the end, they both do good stabilization, neither will let you charge the phone at the same time while using it. And both work well as a gimbal by its self. It comes down to the little features if your a one-man camera youtube channel then tracking is a needed thing the Osmo 2 will do this better. If your looking for a more Manual mode without having to tap on the screen the smooth 4 is better. I think the smooth 4 works better for being a faster and easier adjusting gimbal once you get used to the trigger controlling. So it all comes down to what your needs are. If your space is limited in your camera bag the Osmo might be better and lighter also will still get the job done just with slower fine tuning using the joystick. If you want to record a one shoot video with no breaks that will need to be edited post the smooth 4 might be better for you. 

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