Best Thing to do in New York

Among the cities in the United States, New York City is the most expensive professional business network. This article will inform and guide you, towards making trips to New York City on an affordable budget.

Scenes of New York attractions to highlight will include visits to the brook, hotels, restaurants, cycling, museums and the subway. With these scenes, you will get the best entertainment within your budget.

Below are the best things to do in New York:

Visit The Water Brooks

Best Thing to do in New York

The first on this list is the Staten Island ferry, which has been in existence since 1997. From here, you can go across Ellis Island, a southern axis of Manhattan and also visit the attractive statue of liberty.

This attraction costs $5 during the week while it is free on weekends. Some ferries cost $4 and $6 on weekdays and weekends respectively.

Best Thing to do in New York

They are Ikea ferry (which covers between Wall Street and Brooklyn) and East River ferry (covering between Manhattan and Brooklyn). There is also the Circle line ferry for those that desire to splash out.

You will enjoy two hours, thirty minutes tour with this ferry across Manhattan Island for $41.

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Book An Accommodation

Accommodation costs across New York City are very high. However, there are several holiday properties that travelers can negotiate and afford within a considerable budget.

A well-negotiated single room apartment can go for $100 per night. However, if you decide to lodge in someone’s room, you may be considered for $60.

Places like Bowery House hotel-hostel in Nolita offers a double room apartment with a minimum cost of $109 per night. There is also a Chelsea International Hostel, which offers a single room, private en suite double and single stay in a dormitory at the cost of $75, $140 and $62 per night respectively.

It is advisable to use the map while considering your choice as nearest to the substation will reduce transportation cost.

Best Hotel in New York

Visit An Affordable Eatery in New York

Best Thing to do in New York

There are many restaurants in New York City where you can have a memorable dining experience.

If you are a lover of a cheeseburger, consider visiting Waverly restaurant at Greenwich Village and get them at $8.05. For a broad menu, visit Williamsburg, Brooklyn Bridge Park or Smorgasburg.

With $10 per bunch of delicious pizza, you can visit either Gruppo or Café Argentino in Alphabet city and Williamsburg respectively.

You can also choose from a selection of cooked meals, being offered by many eateries. Affordable drinks are available at Peter McManus Cafe, which situates at Chelsea and Jimmy’s Corner, close to Times Square. For your lobster roll, visit The Frying Pan for an affordable rate of $24 per roll.

Outdoor Activities

There are numerous outdoor activities that travelers visiting New York can embark upon, especially during the sweltering summer. Apart from free outdoor swimming pools, which are located across the five divisions of the city, another attraction is cycling.

While swimmers will prefer visiting East 23rd Street for the Asser Levy pool, cyclers may participate in the New York city’s on-street cycle-hire scheme by hiring a City Bike for a whole day at the cost of $9.95. For a longer ride, you can contact NYC Velo at a minimum of $30.

A Trip To The Museum

Museum of Arts and Design

A trip to New York will expose you to many museums. You can see the artistic display of the post-war period to date for $25 at the Museum of Modern Art. There is a showcase of the immigrant history at the Museum of Chinese in America for $10.

The Museum of Arts and Design showcases architectural designs, crafts, and various textiles at a low fee. For just $12, you can enter the Museum of Jewish Heritage and explore the Jewish exhibitions, history, tradition, and culture.

The 9/11 memorial is named after the September 11 attack. Here, you will see the name of the 3,000 victims of the incident carefully displayed. The admission fee is $24.

Use the Subway

To have a clearer view and better perspective of New York City, consider using the subway. There are both the express trains and the locals. While the former halt at the major city, the latter stop at every station.

You will spend $2.75 per single ride. However, for multiple uses, you will be charged $32 per seven days or a monthly flat rate of $121. Indeed, New York City is an exciting place that is worth visiting due to an unlimited number of attractions which cannot all be highlighted in this post.

There are numerous venues for refreshment and relaxation. There are also several parks, skyscrapers and uncountable beauty of nature to behold in this attractive city.

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