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Dudhsagar Fall – Hidden Gem of GOA

Dudhsagar falls how to reach?

The Dudhsagar Falls is India’s highest waterfalls which are roughly 310 meters high and 30 meters wide.

It’s located on the Mondovi River in the state of Goa.

It is possible to reach these drops by road since they have been 60 km from the Panji city.

You can locate it on the Madgaon-Belagavi railroad track. It is 46 km from east of Madgaon and 80 km from the south of Belagavi.


The positioning of the Dudhsagar Falls is at the Bhagwan Mahaveer Sanctuary and Mollem National Park which is in the middle of the Western Ghats between Karnataka and Goa, these waterfalls form the boundary creating the area full of biodiversity.

There’s a huge force of water created by those falls during the monsoon season.

The waterfall creates the border between Karnataka and Goa states. The area is surrounded by deciduous woods with rich biodiversity.

The drops aren’t especially spectacular during the rainy season but throughout the monsoon period, however, the drops are fed by drains and form a huge force of water.

There’s been a lot of hype of Dudhsagar trek being closed for the public.

The Dudhsagar railway trek has been closed for the general public however, the trek to the Dudhsagar falls bottom is still available for all.

Dudhsagar Falls Video


There are two avenues to reach there. One is starting the trek Out of Kulem and follow the jeep trail until the base of the waterfall.

The second option is through the railway track. It is possible to trek up to the Sonaulim station and connect back to the Mud route. This path would save 2 km on the Mud road.

Visitors could get on a train from here and disembark in the Dudhsagar stop.

It’s to be mentioned that the Dudhsagar rail stop isn’t a station where passengers can expect a platform.

Passengers and visitors need to climb down the steep ladder of this rail compartment at a short 1-2 minute unscheduled stop.

From this railing stop, visitors have to walk around a kilometer on the tracks to get there at the falls.

While the walk itself is something unexpected to get a favorite tourist destination, there is a 200 m train tunnel that is completely dark which makes the walk somewhat tougher..


Way to reach Dudhsagar Fall

There is a Whole Lot of ways to reach Dudhsagar falls close Goa. It is situated at the Goa-Karnataka boundary, the opinion that you get this is an unforgettable adventure.

Dudhsagar waterfalls can also be regarded as the fourth largest waterfall in India.

If we say, it’s a really smooth trip to this magnificent location, it’d be incorrect. Reaching Dudhsagar waterfalls isn’t quite a simple job. You require proper preparation.

You can’t reach straight to the waterfall. You’ll have to make breaks travels. From that point, you need to have a regional train/bus/taxi into Kulem.

By Kulem your trek into the destination begins. By Londa intersection to Kulem, it takes approximately 3 hours to achieve. And there is a 12km trek to achieve waterfalls.

You will not have the ability to observe that the Dudhsagar waterfalls from way, but if you’re only 1km off, you receive the appropriate perspective of this waterfall.

Here we discuss some way to reach Dudhsagar fall.

  1. Dudhsagar Falls road trip by car or jeep :

    Some Folks hit Kulem and favor a trek, but for a few trekking isn’t a very comfortable alternative.

    By Madgaon, you have to reach Mollem village by employing a vehicle, train or luxury bus. On reaching there, you will need to employ a jeep together with life jackets.

    Cost: Around Rs 2000/person

  2. The economic and cheapest way to reach Dudhsagar fall :

    The very best and the most economical way to achieve Dudhsagar fall from Mumbai are the bus.

    You might even have a trip or train to Goa and continue with your visit to the palaces. So from here, you are able to hire transportation to achieve Dudhsagar falls.

Trek out of Castle Rock Railroad Station

It takes approximately 5-6 hours. The terrain is tough as you need to cross mountains and woods.

However, this is definitely the most popular hiking route to the waterfall.

Begin your trek in the Kulem rail channel Dudhsagar is 11 km away, but it might feel like a whole lot more since you need to walk railroad.

There’ll at times be huge stones. You may see many slippers and sneakers, which other trekkers have dropped.

So ensure you wear great athletic sneakers for walking. You are able to take photographs of the train’s departure in front of the drops within this course.

About halfway, you need to go down in the railroad into the jeep road. This street is closed for vehicles throughout the monsoon, however, you can walk.

You will see that the Dudhsagar Devi Temple. Cross the river, then walk through the woods, and you’ll get to the top. It’ll take you about 3 hours to walk one.

You may see a lot of folks coming down in the waterfall if you’re doing this trek in late afternoon or day. So there’ll be fewer individuals at Dudhsagar. But, remember it becomes dim from 6.30 PM.

This is the Toughest and adventurous path. It’s possible to choose a vehicle from Castle Rock in the village.

You need to trek through thick woods. You can’t take this course in the monsoon, and you’ll also need to cross the Mondovi River, which can be swollen and demanding from the rains.

Dudhsagar Falls Trek

The railroad station is passing through a 200 meters tube. Which are completely dark?

But there isn’t any platform, and that means you need to get a steep ladder and walk.

The Indian parade has banned walking on railroad tracks, so formally, this course is disallowed.

  • Transportation and trekking course :

    Employ a 4-wheel driveway in Kulem’s Dudhsagar auto stand, which will here. This is a favorite route for big groups with kids and families.

  • Trek from kulem :

    This is one of the scenic roots but it is less used in high season. Start your trek in the Kulem rail channel.

    Dudhsagar is 11 km away, but it can feel like a lot more since you have to walk on the railroad. There will at times be big stones. You may see many slippers and sneakers, which other trekkers have dropped. So ensure you wear great athletic shoes for walking.

  •  Trek from Kuveshi :

    This is the most difficult and adventurous path. You start from the Kuveshi village, which is 10 you can take a car from Castle Rock to The village.

    You have to trek through thick woods. We cannot take this route in the monsoon, and you’ll also need to cross the Mondovi River, which is swollen and rough in the rains.

Train connection to Dudhsagar Fall

The Closest Station into the falls is Kulem. The path for rail to reach the falls from Goa is Kulem — Mollem (6 kilometers) — Dudhsagar Falls.

There are two trains per day which stop at Dudhsagar Station. The opinion from Amravati express is amazing.

List of Train that stops at Castle Rock Railway Station

The following are trains which cease at Castle Rock Station through Day Period.

All these Subsequent trains leaving from Londa into Goa moves Through Dudhasagar Station and the waterfall.

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Train To reach Dudhasagar Fall

  1. Amravati expresses (18047/17603) is at Mon, Wed, Thu, Sat around 10:40 am in the morning.
  2. Chennai / Vasco (17311) at every Saturday 8:40 Hrs.
  3. Poona Expresses (11097) 12:15 hrs. each Sunday.
  4. Reach from Bangalore/Chennai/Hubli Side (Train Route)
  5. The train Chennai-Vasco Express (17311) Friday (Once a Week)
  6. Castle Rock (Close Dudhsagar) at 09:15 (Sat, Halt for 10 minutes)
  7. Madgaon at 11.55 (on Sat)

Note: Please verify the facts before the journey. We don’t claim the accuracy of all Rail Information.

During monsoon period Dudhsagar jeep safari remains closed, Trek is the only means to reach Dudhsagar Falls in the rainy season. Explore Trek to Dudhsagar Falls out of Goa.

Best time to visit Dudhsagar Fall

The best time to See Dudhsagar Waterfalls is from the months of October to May.

When the monsoon season is finished, the water at the autumn is in abundance.

The route to reach Dudhsagar falls is easy amazing. It’s so spectacular that you will drop in love with it.

Dudhsagar is available for visitors by the Goa Forest section from October Month. It is possible to plan a visit to Dudhsagar after the monsoon season.

During the monsoon period, a visit to Dudhsagar could be risky. Since it is situated in the dense jungles of western ghat, the road gets quite slippery and chances of spotting some wild creatures are also a risk element.

As a result of heavy rain, the water level rises and it’s another reason to avoid a trip to Dudhsagar during the monsoons.

The nice weather is like the cherry on the cake into the beauty of Dudhsagar. Ensure that you begin your journey early in the morning so you have the complete day to enjoy the amazing sight of India’s best waterfall.

The best time to visit Dudhsagar is only after the monsoon. The milky white water flows with gush which is a treat to eyes.

The months from October to May is the ideal time to see Dudhsagar trip.


Places near Dudhsagar Fall

  • Tambadi Surla Temple
  • Mahadeva Temple
  • Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Dudhsagar Plantation and Farm stay
  • Olor Piety Church
  • Ganesh Mandir
  • Devil’s Canyon
  • Mollem national park





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