Sanghi temple timings
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Sanghi Temple Timings

About Sanghi Temple

Sanghi Temple is located at Sanghi Nagar near Ramoji Film City,  in a distance of approximately 35 Kilometers from Hyderabad and around 20 km distance from Lb Nagar, Telangana State. Sanghi Temple is located on the top edge of the hill which makes you feel fresh in nature. It’s among the very best pleasant and tranquil Temple in Hyderabad town outskirts to unwind and escape from the hectic city sound and polluted atmosphere.

The Sanghi temple is among the most well-known temples in Hyderabad. You will have a very peaceful divine experience. It appears like Tirumala. Sanghi temple is one of the peaceful locations in Telangana.

Sanghi Temple, The primary deity here’s Lord Balaji, Sri Venkateswara Swamy. An individual would feel the gist of the temple as soon as they stand close to the most important grabhalaya. You’d feel like you have been in Tirumala. This is also one of the Shooting spots in TelanganaIt’s a magnificent temple completed in the direction has given a great deal of significance to the surroundings.

You’re able to view this first hand since there are lots of trees and vegetation in the vicinity of the Temple. Many Telugu movies are taken in this Temple.

The stretch of this path to make it to the Temple is silent good with a laid two-lane black tar road across the road with trees paving the trail. The way to Sanghi provides a feeling of a ghat road. Following the darshan, you can look on into a gorgeous view of the town by the hilltop. The principal deity here’s Venkateshwara Swamy. You will find Navagrahas from the temple premises. This enchanting Temple is situated in Sanghi Nagar, some 25 km from Hyderabad.

It takes its own place on a hillock called the Paramananda Giri. Somewhat farther in the assumptions, a very long flight of carpeting covered measures leads to the Entry of this Temple. The very first thing that catches your eye is that the thick, the beautifully carved door which creates the first Entry. The Royal Temple is constructed at the perfect Chola-Chalukya fashion of architecture.this architecture looks like the heavenly. The infrastructure is also very attractive to this temple. inside the temple, it will be very calm, neat and clean.

Who build this temple?

Everything started with a dream. The irrepressible Urge to make something truly heavenly. Along with the Sanghi loved ones, well known for its benevolent and charitable attribute took upon itself to create this fantasy a reality. Under the guidance of late Shri Ram Sharan Sanghi, the energetic young Shri Ravi Sanghi spearheaded the job with dedication, dedication, dedication, and meticulous preparation.

Within this task, he was aided by his wife, Smt. Anita Sanghi. The Temple complicated was constructed around the celestial Temple above a hill. Industries belonging to this Sanghi group encircle the Temple as if the Almighty is blessing it.

The Temple is really a treat to observe, particularly at nighttime. It’s quite near the famed Ramoji film city. Sanghi Nagar is approximately 25 km from Dilsukh Nagar, Hyderabad. Apart In the group’s production centers, Sanghi Nagar includes full-time home complicated and healthcare facilities for its workers.

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How many steps there in the temple?

It has almost 500- 1000 step in the Sanghi temple. All the people go together so we never feel tired by using these steps. The Sanghi Temple, situated at Sanghi Nagar at Telangana at India, is approximately 35 kilometers from Hyderabad city.

The ambiance of this Temple is excellent. You can view many monkeys here; however, they do not hurt.

I visited with my pals. It’s all about 30-35kms from Secundrabad. As Stated above, we preceded on NH9 ago A heap of 9 we And others…) and resumed our trip into Sanghi. We claimed a typical of 60 Kmph and attained about 75 Kmph. It Took an Ideal turn at which the board reveals “Means to Sanghi Nagar” about the right after we pass around 8~10 Kmph from Nice two-lane black.

The mountain roads are looks across the road with lane Markings and radium material across all the sides. And in the middle (like for splitting either team – Not just a median. These are those we generally see on nice highways.

Good to know this bit of street on a strategy road to Sanghi Nagar. We attained Sanghi. The ghat type segment begins — the ideal side. You require Rs 25 (Maintain Change as the folks at Entry. Else they Say they’ll give in the moment you return.

If you’re lucky you will return, else you’ll miss anything around Rs 10) you’re free to choose your vehicle to a high degree of this Sanghi hill in which the temple is hosted on as Soon as you park your car off. The safety is going to help you with this if you travel independently.) fortunately, there is no longer extra parking fees or entrance fees.

I believe the Rs 25 in the Entry includes all of this stuff. You’ve got the footwear counter where you want to depart from your footwear (like you see in essential temples such as Tirumala.) We chose the token and moved.

Last time I have seen about 5 Decades back, this was the only alternative. Photography within the temple premises is strictly and totally, however, and you’ll be entertained to see the use of the number of cameras indoors.

It will be because of inspiration from the movie manufacturers of Tollywood. They take a Good Deal of stuff here. By the way, you find a lot of monkeys. Mind you I will not be calling any Aussie here.


Sanghi Temple Timings


If you are going to visit Sri Sanghi temple the first time, then you must be confused about timings of when how am will start when puja starts at Sanghi Temple?

I do understand this, so let me make you clear that the timings of Sanghi Temple are not fixed.

It varies day by day. But you don’t worry at all I am here to give you the exact details of the time table of Sanghi Temple along with contact details of the temple admin.

The temple has all weekdays have the same timing. And the weekend or the holidays it has the same timing.

You can keep this timing in your mind but make sure to call the temple admin and confirm before you reach to the temple if you have any special puja planned for the day.

Monday Morning 8:00 AM To Noon 1:00 PM
Evening 4:00 PM To Evening 8:00 PM
Tuesday Morning 8:00 AM To Noon 1:00 PM
Evening 4:00 PM To Evening 8:00 PM
Wednesday Morning 8:00 AM To Noon1:00 PM
Evening 4:00 PM To Evening 8:00 PM
Thursday Morning 8:00 AM To Noon 1:00 PM
Evening 4:00 PM To Evening 8:00 PM
Friday Morning 8:00 AM To Noon 1:00 PM
Evening 4:00 PM To Evening 8:00 PM
Saturday Morning 8:00 AM To Noon 11:00 AM
Evening 4:00 PM To Evening 8:00 PM
Sunday Morning 8:00 AM To Evening 8:00 PM


Timing and Entry Fee

Temple Timings:

Morning: 8:00 AM to Noon 1:00 PM

Evening: 4:00 PM to 08:00 PM,

Sundays, Holidays and Festivals: Morning 8:00 AM to Day 08:00 PM.

Entry Price: No Entry Fee

Special Pooja:  Abhishek has Monday — Sri Ramalingeswara, Tuesday — Sri Hanuman, Friday — Sri Venkateshwara, Pooja is held involving 6 PM and 8

Distance from Uppal

It takes 36 minutes to Travel from Uppal-x Road to Sanghi Temple.

Approximate driving distance between Uppal-x Road and Sanghi Temple is 30 km or 18.6 miles or 16.2 nautical miles.

Travel time denotes the time taken if space is coated by a vehicle.

Sanghi Temple Owner

Sanghi Nagar is an industrial complex set up by the Sanghi Group of Industries.

The temple complex has been built around the heavenly temple over the hill.

Industries belonging to this Sanghi group surround the temple as if the Almighty is blessing it.

The temple is really a treat to watch, especially at nighttime. It’s quite near the famous Ramoji film city. Sanghi Nagar is around 25 km from Dilsukh Nagar, Hyderabad.

Apart from In the group’s production facilities, Sanghi Nagar contains a full-time home complex and healthcare facilities for its employees.

They comprise captive power plants, communication facilities, higher secondary school, excellent accommodation centers for all levels of employees & labor, hospital, food marts, entertainment centers, post office, cable and internet access, etc.


Temples around Sanghi Temple

The Sanghi Temple is dedicated to Hindu God Venkateswara.

It is located at a distance of about 35 km from Hyderabad in Sanghi Nagar.

Perched atop the Parmanand Giri Hill, the Temple has a glorious gopuram and boasts of marvelous architecture.

The Temple homes idols of other Hindu deities as well and is reportedly a replica of this Tirumala Temple On the way to the Sanghi Temple at the mountain top, pause the shrine of Lord Anjaneya.

The red-faced image is thought to be the embodiment of death to the demons.

The lovely Sanghi Temple complex follows the Chola-Chalukya Style of architecture.

Lord Venkateswara is the principal deity of the complex. His idol is nine and a half feet tall and is like the one at Tirumala. Alankaram and abhishekam are done daily to the Lord in the Balaji temple.

To the right is the abode of Goddess Padmavathi.

In The Sanghi Temple complicated you’ll find temples with all the pictures of:


  • Lord Shiva
  • Shakti Swaroopini” Kamalambika
  • Lord Rama, Sita, Lakshmana and Hanuman
  • Lord Vijayganapathi
  • The Navagraha deities
  • Kartikeya
  • Lord Ganesh
  • Goddess Durga
  • Ashtalakshmi
  • Aadilakshmi


Sanghi Temple of Hyderabad homes The temple complex includes a Kalyan Mandapam wherein the unions, and other auspicious ceremonies are performed. Prayers are done here daily.

Specialty About Sanghi Temple

  • Sanghi temple is in an excellent driving way.
  • Prasadam they provide is very delicious.
  • It is quit and calm place.
  • You can make online booking also.

Review of Sri Sanghi Temple

You can read review Sanghi Temple and find views and thought of other people also who had visit Sanghi temple.




Contact details of Sanghi Temple

Omerkhan daira Hyderabad-501511, Telangana, India

Telephone Numbers of Sanghi temple

Phone: 040-24576443


Sanghi temple is among the famous temples in Secunderabad that is situated in the Hyderabad. If you would like to visit the Temple afterward prevent crowed day (as we said in the article). If you potential you can take online booking or telephone to the contact as mentioned above detail for any caution about Sanghi Temple timings.

Though Sanghi Temple is a spiritual website after that many tourists also stop by the interesting area.Falaknuma Cultural Society, Sudha Cars Museum, Nehru Zoological Park, Jagannath Temple, Numaish, Charminar, ISKCON Mandir, Surendrapuri, Keesaragutta, NTR Garden and Lumbini Park are a few of the other attractions.

Therefore, tourists, pilgrims, historians, professors, and Families may have a superb time going to the temple and its precincts. Reaching the temple out of any component of Hyderabad is simple.


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