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Top Reasons Why You Should Visit Mussoorie ( मसूरी ) This Year

Mussoorie( मसूरी ), a popular hill-station, situated at a heady height of two thousand meters. In 1820, Captain Young of the British army was struck by the spectacular beauty of this place and decided to reside there.

Following its discovery, this hill station continued to develop as a center of education, business, natural beauty, and tourism.

Here is given the top reasons supporting visit Mussoorie this year. Some people also write Mussoorie as masoori.                    

Mussoorie( मसूरी ) is a hill station and a municipal board in the Dehradun District of the Indian state of Uttarakhand.

It is about 35 kilometers from the state capital of Dehradun and just under 300 kilometers north of the national capital of New Delhi. The hill station is in the foothills of the Garhwal Himalayan range.

People usually consider the summer season to be the best time to visit Mussoorie.

Best time to visit Mussoorie

Summer (March to June): Weather in the summers is most pleasant and relax. The temperature might increase to 37 degrees but still, it won’t feel you disappointing. Scenic beauty, sunset, and sunrise will be the best enjoying moments in these months.

Monsoon (July to mid-September): Monsoon is considered as the landslide time in hilly areas. But if you like the misty and green hill station, it can be a moment for you. There will be no sports activities in the monsoon season.

Winters (October to February): Winter might be a great adventure for you. You will see the land covered with the snow. The beauty of the place multiplies by two. However, the temperature might go down to 0 degrees.

Best Places to Visit in Mussoorie this Year

Visit Mussoorie This Year

Bhatta Falls is a particularly welcoming sight, it is found 3 kilometers away from Mussoorie. Mussoorie Lake is also a highly visited site to relax which is located on the same route.            

With its rolling green hills and a plethora of fauna and flora, Mussoorie( मसूरी ) is an inspiring hill resort and a popular honeymoon location. Home to jaw-dropping views of expansive Himalayan snow ranges to the northeast.

Pristine views of the Doon Valley, Saharanpur, Roorkee and Haridwar in the South, the town gives off fairytale vibe to tourists.

Its historic sites in Mussoorie make it famous for its scenic beauty and upbeat social life. It is must visit place if you are visiting Mussoorie this year.

Things to Do

Visit Mussoorie This Year

You will find the budget and efficient way to get around, opt for a bus system or cycle rickshaws. Cycle rickshaws for traveling within the city may cost around 20 rupees.

Although during peak hours roads may get crowded by the tourists, for the most part, you will have to walk around to take the sights. Shopping malls are closed to most vehicles.

Best Views in Mussoorie

Visit Mussoorie This Year

With an array with verdant views of the Doon and Shivalik ranges on one side and stunning snow-covered Himalayan ranges on the other, Mussoorie’s mystic charm makes it one of the most highly tipped tourist destinations in India.

Mussoorie caters to all nature lovers, as well as calling to religious travelers. The hill station is an entrance to more popular Hindu shrines, like Gangotri and Yamunotri, as well as the entire Garhwal region of the Himalayas.

While long walks around the town’s streets provides great pleasure, some places you must visit include :-

Ruins of the great Goerge Everest’s House

Visit Mussoorie This Year

Sir George Everest House was the home of the famous Welsh surveyor and geographer, Sir George Everest ‘4th July 1790-1st December 1866’.

The famous Mount Everest is named after him, his home is now a tourist spot and is six kilometers from Library Bazaar.

The location is also accessible to some incredible views of the verdurous Aglar River valley along one side and the snow-capped Himalayas on the other side.

Visit Mussoorie This Year

George Everest is said to have been born in the Manor of Gwernvale at Crickhowell in Powys in 1790. His first of its kind mapping work led to a mountain in the Himalayas being announced as the highest peak in the world.

First of all named Peak XV of the Himalayas, it was re-named ‘Mount Everest’ in his honor. In Tibet, it is called ‘Chomolungma’, which means ‘Mother Goddess of the Earth’.

Tibetans gave this name way before western scientists had concluded that Everest was the world’s highest mountain.

Lal Tibba

Visit Mussoorie This Year

Lal Tibba in Mussoorie can be accessed by road via the route of Picture Palace, followed by Char Dukan and tourists will find the great peak of Lal Tibba Mussoorie. It is 5.7 kilometers from Mussoorie and just 38 KM from Dehradun.

If you are approaching the place by air, you will be 57 KM from Lal Tibba. And the train will leave you at the station, 34 KM away from the destination. If you wish to travel by bus, then the bus stand will be 7 KM far from the place. Must visit place in Mussoorie this year.

With a height of more than seven and a half thousand feet, Lal Tibba is the highest point of Mussoorie, which is at an average altitude of approximately six and a half thousand feet.

An ambling walk through Landour Bazar will take visitors to this spot which offers the most scintillating views of peaks like Nanda Devi and Sri Kanta. It is must visit place if you are visiting Mussoorie this year.

Visit Mussoorie This Year

The highest point in Mussoorie is Lal Tibba, situated in Landour area, which is the oldest populated place in the Mussoorie.

The site was also referred to as a Depot Hill, due to the presence of depot in the region. The beautiful views of sunrise and sunset from this vantage point can also be seen by travelers visiting Lal Tibba.

A Japanese telescope was placed at the tower on a cliff by the municipality to offer beautiful views of adjoining places to the travelers In 1967.

Tourists can have beautiful views of Badrinath, Kedarnath, Banderpunch and other Himalayan ranges from this telescope. Tourists can enjoy a glimpse of some old buildings and houses, which are constructed in British architectural style.

Tourists can enjoy a glimpse of some old buildings and houses, which are constructed in British architectural style.

The best time to visit in Lal Tibba is during summer from June to October.

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Happy Valley

Visit Mussoorie This Year

Also called as mini-Tibet, Happy Valley is known for its Tibetan temples, beautiful municipal gardens and housing for the IAS academy. Atop a cliff, the Shedup Choephelling temple is the highest point of the valley and is a huge tourist attraction.

The temple is a stunning symbol of Tibetan architecture, while the meditation hall is carved with gorgeous paintings everywhere. The historical significance of the shrine, the breathtaking view of Benog Hill and the quaint atmosphere make Happy Valley a delightful destination. Must visit place in Mussoorie this year.

Kempty Falls

Visit Mussoorie This Year

Located approximately 15KM from Mussoorie, Kempty Falls offers a charming picnic spot with a beautiful backdrop of gushing water. This is an ideal place to relax amidst beautiful natural surroundings.

You could even take a shower under the falls, or enjoy a quick dip in the man-made swimming pool right next to it. You can’t complete your journey to visit Mussoorie this year without a kempty fall.

The Mall

the mall

Mussoorie doesn’t disappoint the shopping enthusiasts. This hill station has very few peers when it comes to offering souvenirs beyond candle holders and wall-hangings.

From brass statues to oak-wood items and from antiques to exquisitely designed ceramic items, variety and exclusivity mark your shopping experience whether you are at the Mall Road, Tibetan Market or Landour Market.

And yes, if the chill gets on to you, don’t resist the temptation of buying a hand-woven shawl.

If your idea of the perfect getaway is to shop for local goodies, the famous Mall Road is for you. Buzzing with tourists and locals, this bustling street is every shopper’s delight.

Paintings, local handicrafts, woolens or shoes, you name it and you’ll find the most tasteful things here at a bargain.

Beyond walks and treks, there are a number of outdoor activities which you can enjoy during your visit here.

While skating and rock climbing are very popular activities here, the following activities are highly recommended :

Ropeway to Gun Hill

Visit Mussoorie This Year

Enjoy a ride in a cable car from Jhulagarh to Gun Hill, especially during sunset, and experience a panoramic view of the entire landscape of this gorgeous hill station. Gun Hill is the second highest peak of Mussoorie, which provides an enthralling view of the Himalayan ranges.

gun hill

Gun Hill. The most famous attraction in Mussoorie, Gun Hill is the second highest peak of Mussoorie. Gun Hill offers an enchanting view of some of the highest Himalayan ranges namely Bunderpunch, Srikantha, Pithwara, and Gangotri group. The point also offers a picturesque view of Mussoorie town and Doon Valley.

A steep winding path or a cable car from the Mall will lead you to Mussoorie’s second highest peak at 2530m – Gun Hill. The hill derives its name from the fact that in the days of the Raja cannon was fired here to announce mid-day. Said to be an extinct volcano, Gun Hill offers a panoramic view of several surrounding peaks including Banderpoonch and Nag Tibba.

Paragliding around Mussoorie Lake

Mussoorie lake

Unleash yourself into the boundless blue sky at the Mussoorie Lake and experience the most amazing rush while paragliding. With great detail to all safety measures, and under the guidance of an instructor, you are set to explore an unmatched view of your magical surroundings.

With so much to do, a trip this summer to Mussoorie will be the perfect getaway from the mundane city life. Book yourself into one of the best hotels in Mussoorie by Fortune Hotels and enjoy your vacation in style.

Mussoorie is one of the best destinations for paragliding in India. Paragliding operators in Mussoorie, largely, offer joyrides on a two-seater glider operated by professional pilots with over 3000 hours of flying experience. This is surely the easiest offbeat things to do in Mussoorie. It does not need any prior training or experience and one is never too young or old for it. The flights in Mussoorie are long rides of a minimum of 1 hour (15 km) up to 10,000 ft high.

Best time for paragliding in Mussoorie: “All through the year, except for monsoons”

Cost: INR 2000 onwards, a long flight of 60 minutes costs INR 10,000

Wine Tasting

wine tasting

Popularly known as vinification, the process of making wine is considered as one of the offbeat things to do in Mussoorie. Mussoorie hosts several workshops that teach you the art of winemaking.

One is taught to make a variety of wines from apples, pears, ginger, plum, and grapes, etc. Within a month, one can have ten bottles of exclusive wine made by their own hands.

The recipes are mailed for later references. These workshops usually end with wine tasting sessions. In fact, it’s one of the best things to do in Mussoorie Uttarakhand.

Vineyard tour with introduction & History of wine-making. The tour, which is for around 2 hours, starts in the morning at around 10.30 AM. You will be informed about the history of wine and its cultivation before proceeding to witness the actual process at the vineyard.

One is taught to make a variety of wines from apples, pears, ginger, plum, and grapes, etc. Within a month, you can have ten bottles of exclusive wine made by your own hands.

This experience will give you the touch of British lifestyle and history of winemaking in Mussoorie.

Get recipes mailed for later references. Taste some of the best wines with the world on your palette. Indulge in this worthwhile experience and emerge as a wine connoisseur at the end of it. So, hold your glasses and raise a toast!

If you are planning to go to a pleasantly chilly hill station

then Mussoorie might be the best choice. This hill station in the Indian state of Uttarakhand has a lot to offer and is accessible around the year, with great weather.

Mussoorie is famous for its natural beauty and the wonderful climate and offers a memorable experience in all seasons. Read on to plan the best time when you should visit Mussoorie.

Summer in Mussoorie is considered to be the most pleasant weather to go out and relax. The temperature may rise up to 37 degrees on an odd day, but it still doesn’t disappoint.

This is the best time to pursue adventure sports. You will also enjoy the scenic beauty and the amazing sunsets and sunrises during these months.

Monsoons in Mussoorie are considered to be perilous as Uttarakhand is often prone to landslides during this season. But if you like misty and serene hill stations, this is the best time for you to head to Mussoorie.

Even though most tourism options like adventure sports activities will be closed during the season, it’s still a good choice for those seeking solitude in the hills or a romantic getaway.

Winters in Mussoorie are great fun. The land is covered in shiny snow. The beauty of the place increases two-fold. However, the temperature may stoop down to sub-zero levels.

Most adventure enthusiasts prefer winters since it offers breathtaking sights not available during the rest of the year.

It is about 35 kilometers from the state capital of Dehradun and just under 300 kilometers north of the national capital of New Delhi. The hill station is in the foothills of the Garhwal Himalayan range.

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