Skydiving Places in India

Top Skydiving Places in India

The tandem jump is the best option for those who want to try and know skydiving. Feeling the sensation of flying is a desire of people from all over the world and began to be realized hundreds of years ago. Besides, the scene of the jump is one of the most spectacular on the planet. Here is the list of top places for skydiving in India.

The fascinating sport of skydiving is one of the most popular air sports around the world. A large number of people around the world enjoy this sport, as it is a convenient and safe way to rise in the air.

Skydiving is the most recent air sport, whose origins date back to 1940, but it expanded rapidly after the eighties. Adventure sport is a mixture of skydiving and manual flight, but a paraglide is different from a manual paraglide or parachute.

It is much lighter, easy to open, and takes little time to rise since there is no need to jump from a helicopter or plane. Skydiving is somewhat similar to water skydiving; the only difference is that it is performed on the beach. One needs basic training and a strong determination to succeed.

Different Type of Skydiving

1) Tandem Jump

While free fly is an advanced modality, tandem jumping is ideal for all those who want to practice parachuting for the first time. The main feature is that we will be accompanied at all times by an instructor to whom we are insured with a harness. It will take care of doing all the tasks while you focus on enjoying.

First, they will give you a theoretical class on land, so you know how the equipment works. Then you will jump from a height above 3,000 meters generally.

This means almost a minute of free fall that will give you an incredible adrenaline rush. In total, the experience lasts between 5 and 8 minutes. It is the safest type of parachute jump we will see in today’s post.

2) Skysurf

Skysurfing is one of the most extreme, complicated, and exciting types of skydiving that exists today. In principle, it is the same as a healthy jump, with the big difference that in addition to the usual equipment, we will carry a snowboard on the feet.

As you can imagine, it is not a mode for beginners. It takes at least 200 jumps to start and has developed different freestyle positions. The idea is to do the maximum stunts during the fall, turns, and rotations that are a challenge to our ability.

3) Precision Skydiving

The first skydiving competitions began in the 30s of the last century. The objective was to make precision landings on a point. Technology has allowed numerous advances in this field, so nowadays you can do real feats.

4) The BASE Jump

The BASE jump is a skydiving modality that has become increasingly popular due to its characteristics. It consists of jumping from a fixed point or platform and bears that name by its acronym in English which means Building (building), antenna (antenna), Span (bridge) and earth (land, by the cliffs or cliffs).

This is considered to be one of the extreme sports with the highest risk, not only because of the jump, which is done at a low distance from the ground but also because of the obstacles that can be found in the descent, depending on the place from where you jump.

The BASE jump is done with a single parachute and does not carry a backup as it happens with the jump from an airplane since the short distance would not allow opening a second parachute in case of an emergency. For this, you should study and analyze the conditions well before your practice.

5) Group skydiving

Your first jumping experiences will be solo, except for the tandem. However, as you gain confidence and skill, you can jump into a group. This type of skydiving allows us to carry out free-fall formations, creating figures with our bodies.

The relative work of sailing is a variety in which these figures are created with the help of open parachutes. And significant ways or large formations require at least 30 synchronized athletes, being the most beautiful modality to contemplate and difficult to execute.

Who are those people who practice skydiving and take you with them when they jump? Are they certified? Is it safe to skydive with them?

Absolutely. In fact, if you’re nervous, ask at the skydiving offices where the staffs were certified, and maybe you can ask them to show you diplomas or official papers that prove they aren’t making it up, and perhaps you can also search Google for the names of those places to Be super sure.

Another essential thing to remember is that everyone who takes you up and throws you out of an airplane has done this many times and has landed successfully each of those times, which is a better indicator of future success than most average indicators.

List of Skydiving in India

The Himalayan mountain ranges in India are famous as they offer enough space for skydiving. The high points of these mountains, which extend from north to east, are considered the best for this sport. Some famous sites in India for skydiving include:


Pondicherry is a small town on the south coast of India, with the undeniable French seal in its urban, tree-lined structure, with boulevards and picturesque buildings of the colonial heritage.

Spiritual and peaceful, untouched nature extends into endless beaches and is exceptional for tourists seeking tranquillity, doing what they like and good food because here you will find a fantastic variety of restaurants whose menus are a fusion of everything close and everything far from Pondicherry.

Pondicherry is the capital of the state that bears his name; It is located 162 km from Madras, on the coast of Coromandel, Bay of Bengal. Here you will not find hills or forests, only alluvial coasts, reddish soils, and black mud.

Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam are spoken, but many of its inhabitants know how to speak English and French, so communicating will not be a problem. Below is the detail of skydiving at this place

  •  Cost:                                                                                                                                                1). Static Jumps – INR 18,000 (1 jump) to 62,000 (5 jumps)                             2). Tandem Jump – INR 27,000
  • Timings: 7 AM or 9 AM
  • Proposition: Carry relaxing clothes and Sports shoes for skydiving 5)

Skydiving in Himachal Pradesh

With an area of approximately 55,000 square kilometers, Himachal Pradesh is a state in northern India, which borders Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab and Haryana. Due to its rugged terrain, the state is a vital adventure tourism center in northern India. It is the lord of skydiving place in India.

Being nestled in the Himalayas, the parachuting adventures in Himachal lead people to know some of the most spectacular landscapes on earth. Some of the places where the activity is organized are analyzed below:

Bir Billing is a great place to practice adventure sports and perhaps the most famous skydiving in India. The incredible landscape and the excellent places for launching and landing make it ideal for sports. You can enjoy the enchanting view of the surrounding valleys while descending from the launch sites.

McLeodganj in the Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh rose to fame when His Holiness, the Dalai Lama took refuge here and has since been known as Little Lhasa. It is a famous tourist destination and another right place for an incredible skydiving experience in Himachal.

Then, fly over the Dhauladhar Mountain Range, which dominates the local landscape, and keeps the memories for years to come. The best time to practice skydiving in Himachal Pradesh: when you can participate in the exciting sport depends on the climate of the place where you plan to do so. Being a mostly mountainous state, the different regions within Uttarakhand have different weather patterns.

Winters and summers are ideal for enjoying the activity in places like Rishikesh and Pithoragarh. On the other hand, skydiving is hosted in Mussoorie, Dayara Bugyal and Bedini Bugyal only in summer, since winters are characterized by moderate to heavy snowfall.

Skydiving in Uttaranchal

The coolest things to do in Uttarakhand are skydiving. Skydiving is the adored sporting activity of tourist who visits Uttarakhand. Flying has for all time been a fascination as time immemorial.

Experience the thrill of flying through the skies like a bird enjoying a beautiful view of the mountainous landscape. The best thing about skydiving in Uttarakhand place is that no prior knowledge is required. It is also one of the top places categories for Skydiving in India.

Trained experts will guide you in a memorable adventure. The best time to try skydiving is from March to June and from mid-September to October.

The Garhwal mountain ranges in Uttaranchal are considered ideal for both professionals and beginners. For skydiving training courses are available in Garhwal. The most famous skydiving sites in the region are Naukutchiyatal, Dayara Bugyal, Dhanolti Ridge and Bedni Bugyal in Kumaon.

Skydiving in Rajasthan

Skydiving options are available even in the Rajasthan desert. It can be organized with permission from civil aviation in places like Jaipur, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Udaipur, and Bikaner.

Mysore, Karnataka

Mysore topped our list because Sky Diving in India provided the most exciting experience according to paratroopers and worth every penny. Located in Chamundi Hills: it is time to fly high. It is the best destination for skydiving in India.

Dhana, Madhya Pradesh

In the sparsely populated city of Dhana comes a unique opportunity in life to contemplate the emptiness from the sky.

Dhana, in Madhya Pradesh, was the first place in India that began parachuting camp in India, and currently offers static line and tandem jump options.

The beautiful and picturesque place east of Bhopal is a skydiving destination with picturesque beauty and a breathtaking view of such location and infrastructure to organize skydiving camps.

You can enjoy a free fall from 4000 feet high, contemplating the breathtaking view of the landscape below you. The experience of skydiving in Dhana is one of the extraordinary experiences you can have, and the place deserves a special mention in the five best places for skydiving in India.

Aamby Valley

Located in Maharashtra, it is one of those places in India that can be referred to as the first in India that began offering skydiving sports in packages. The location is not precisely in Mumbai, and you should go a little away from Mumbai.

Currently, Aamby Valley offers tandem jumps of 10,000 feet. Since skydiving is a fairly weather-sensitive sport, avoid bad weather and the monsoon if you want to practice Sky Diving in Aamby Valley.

If you are the first time, you do not have to worry, because there will be trainers available who will guide you throughout the trip and provide you with practical training before you really go skydiving. The Aamby Valley in Maharashtra is one of the best skydiving places in India.


If you go to Mysore in Karnataka and you love to fly or want to experience how it feels to be a bird, then you should visit the Chamundi Hills list in Mysore.

They are one of the authorized skydiving bases and recommend static jump, tandem jump, and accelerated free falls. The weather and other conditions are absolutely in tune with the ideal conditions for skydiving sports.

The trainers there will first verify if you are medically fit, as it is the first and foremost requirement for skydiving. Once the medical exam is cleared, you are ready to jump from a standard Cessna 172 aircraft.

Deesa in Gujarat

This is another place where all skydiving enthusiasts in India would love to be at least once in their lives.

Once you arrive at the location, you cannot take your eyes off this beautiful city by the lake that has facilities as one of the best skydiving destinations in India.

You will surely enjoy the thrill of flying in the blue sky like a bird, and you will love the experience of feeling the light bird while you fly with the winds. If you are a beginner or an adventure fan, the picturesque city Deesa in Gujarat offers the best skydiving experience.

Gujarat is hailed as the first state in India to have a certified fall zone in Deesa. The Gujarat Sports Authority and the Indian Skydiving Federation host several parachuting camps here.

You should not miss the opportunity to be there and experience the tandem fall, the fall that would free you from your fear of falling.


Pondicherry is relatively new to offering skydiving sessions that have become popular since 2012.

Now a large number of adventure lovers gather in the city every year, and several skydiving camps are frequently organized, offering static line breaks and tandem jumps for the most exciting experience.

If you are a true lover of adventure sports, nothing can be more exciting than skydiving, as you would free yourself from the sky and kiss the earth while enjoying the spectacular beauty of the Pondicherry landscape.

It would force you to get Goosebumps every time you fall in the strong wind that you are crossing like a bird and then drop you in an almost similar place that has a strong French colonial influence.

Pondicherry is undoubtedly one of the five best places for skydiving in India.

Do you what is Candle?

The candle is the main element for skydiving. A sail is a non-motorized wing, inflatable but can be easily deducible, and landable. It is made of hard nylon or thick polyester.

The pilot remains tied to the sail with a harness. The pilot stays in the harness in a comfortable position. Sails can fly as high as 10,000 feet or can cover long distances with the help of the wind.

Essentials of Skydiving Sessions

  • One must be physically fit and know how to fly a candle. Beginners should be aware of the necessary steps of skydiving, including throwing, turning, and landing.
  • Do not try to do so many tricks, since as an air sport it can become dangerous.
  • Always stay mentally alert to cope with adversities as well as dodge obstacles.

Required Equipment While Skydiving

The essential equipment for skydiving includes a glider that can withstand thermal currents, some attachments that join the paraglider to secure the pilot.

The plane must be designed so that it can be released quickly after the descent. Other required equipment is a helmet, a reserve parachute, a variometer to calibrate the ascent and decline of the glider.

Those who cannot afford the equipment or do not have time to obtain training can enjoy air sport in Tandem Glider with an experienced pilot.

Skydiving Modalities with the Parachute

The patterns of parachute flight are mostly personal. Unlike the free-fall mode, this practice requires an open parachute and advanced control over it.

The rest of skydiving modalities refer to different forms of landing such as:

  • Accuracy: It should fall as close as possible to a specific point.
  • Swooping: Type of landing in which the paratrooper passes flush over the ground over long distances.
  • Relative Work: A team of paratroopers group together to form different figures with their parachutes.
  • Speed Riding: It is a combination of skiing and speed flying.

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